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Proceso Purchase. v2.

Steps to order products in

Step 1

To make your purchase you choose one of the products they wish to purchase and enter him, being inside observe the right of your screen topside your "shopping cart", then click on the word "Add to Cart" in this way be added an article to said "shopping cart", a pop-up screen that will confirm if your purchase several items must select the option "continue shopping" which will take you back to the home page will open so you can choose and to buy items that make you miss, these will be added to your cart.

Step 2

After choosing the items you want to buy you click on your "cart" and to click "confirm" which will re routed to the next stage of purchase:

You should as a second step enter your personal details, name, phone number, address etc. for billing purposes, as well as your email address and a password that is easy to remember so you can create an account and check the status of your order, so you can also make more purchases in the future. If you want the shipment is made to a different address than the billing will be necessary to de-select the "Same shipping address" option in this way will be displayed on the screen is a section where you will fill data name and address to whom is addressed the parcel.

step 3

In the second step you need to read carefully and select the type of delivery you want to use, so the cost of sending the total will be added and you can continue to step 3 to choose the payment option that you use (recommended read shipping policies  and payment ).

Once these 3 easy steps click on the box "Order" you will immediately receive an email with confirmation of your order and account data for deposit.


If you decide to make your order deposit to account once you have deposited you can send your receipt (ticket) to confirm the purchase, you can do this through WhatsApp to number: 

(81) 11-96-44-97, or our email:


Once you've confirmed, we'll send you a guide number so you can track your package and its status, and so to be attentive to receive it. You can track orders in this league:

Tracking Order

How to buy a PayPal account

If you have credit card you can create a Paypal account and pay online. The steps are the following:

1. Visit our  Product Catalog , and select the product of your interest.
2. Select the amount of products you want. Remember that  purchases over $ 650 to have Free Shipping.
3. Add to the shopping cart the products you want by clicking "Add to Cart").
4. In your shopping a payment button appears when you are finished choosing the products . Go through the process of filling your address data and go to the payment page, clicking on "Pay".
5. Check your order. Click on "Pay".
6. Fill out the form with the data where you want it send the package.
7. If you do not have a PayPal account you can create one page which will appear, just enter the data you requested is easy and secure. If you already have a PayPal account, just enter your email and password cart.

Ready! We got an email confirming your purchase. Once we ship the product we will send you a guide number parcel service so you can track your package.